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Vancouver, British Columbia

North Territory Owl in cavity

The park in question is, of course, Vancouver's Stanley Park.

After many years of watching owls in the park I now have quite a collection of photos along with much information on their territories and family life. So I decided to document some of it - which led to the web site you now have before you.

Although other species of owl may live in the park, almost all my encounters have been with Barred Owls. The Barred Owl is an owl native to eastern North America, but over time it has been moving westward and is now one of the most common owls in our area. 

For more information on all species see the Species page.

Mark T. White

This site is currently under renovation. The original intent (2009) was to provide background information on the owls and track their lives over several years. Unfortunately I never really had the time to dedicate to that pursuit - too busy working and out watching owls!

As of late June 2018 I have removed the incomplete bits and generally tidied things up before (hopefully) a complete review and redesign later in 2018. At that time I intend to add a lot more owl photos to my general photography site - a gallery there just for owls!