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Vancouver, British Columbia

About this Site

At its most basic this is a simple record of my experiences with the Barred Owls of Vancouver's famous Stanley Park.

Over the last decade or more I have gradually become more aware of the owls in the park and have built up quite a collection of photos. In doing so I have also collected (somewhat haphazardly) information on their territories and family life. So I decided to place the ever-growing collection into a document (dreams of a book) which led to the web site you now have before you.

Mark T. White

Access to some information has been restricted to professional Naturalists or other people/groups approved by organizations such as S.P.E.S. This is for the protection of the Owls and their habitat.


"Who Cooks for You" - about the Barred Owl

Although several species of owl live in the park, almost all my encounters have been with Barred Owls. My first sightings of Barred Owls were in Nova Scotia (when visiting my Mother). The Barred Owl is an owl native to eastern North America, but over time it has been moving westward and is now one of the most common owls in our area. 

For more information on all species see the Species page.


"Who Writes for You" - about the Author

I have lived in Vancouver since 1995 and had my first sightings of owls in the park the following year. I grew up in England, with a Canadian Mother and a British Father. Prior to Vancouver I lived in Toronto for 11 years, where my only owl encounters were with an Eastern Screech Owl (in High Park).

My sole encounter with a wild owl in England was with a Little Owl - seen imitating the top of a fence post - while I was working at the Royal Greenwich Observatory.